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Lucie Shiff
Principal, Lucie Shiff Consulting

Zafer helped me develop the website for my business.  He did everything from registering the website, to developing it and offering some excellent suggestions on format.  I had minimal knowledge regarding what I needed to do and he was both tenacious and patient walking me through what I needed to provide in terms of content and images.  He was careful to keep the cost down but to produce a professional and attractive website.   He was very responsive throughout the launch process!

For your website design and upgrade needs, I would recommend selecting Zafer.

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Welcome to Infogate Web Design Solutions

Infogate Web Design Solutions is a part of Infogate Solutions Inc privately held company located in Alpharetta, Georgia. We specialize in helping small companies with their technology needs and web development.

Our services cover every aspect of web development, from start to finish. We will help you with your search engine optimization, registration, and maintenance of your web site.

  • We Build or Update your old website

    If your website is out of date and no longer working the way you need it to then Infogate web solutions is the answer. Websites need continuous refinement and improvement, just browse around the Internet for a few minutes and you will discover numerous websites that are looking old and obsolete.
  • We Manage Cost

    We managed to keep our overhead very low and pass those savings on to our clients. At the same time we keep the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software, allowing for further reductions in cost for our clients. You will find that most of the time we beat our competition hands down.
  • We listen to our customers input

    We allow our customers to provide all kinds of input. We listen to their requirements in detail and with patience. We work with our customers until they are satisfied with the results. Keeping in mind the requirements of our client; we develop the website, giving top priority to the intended audience/market and overall user experience. We constantly keep you informed and take your feedback during the job process.
  • References

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